2017 Journey to Conquer Cancer Run or Walk - 2017 Journey to Conquer Cancer Run or Walk
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Dear family and friends, 

It is with great sadness  that I am writing to you at this time instead of David, I am sure he would have loved to be able to do it instead. 

We his family are asking on his behalf to  sponsor us in the MM5k Multiple Myeloma walk.

Since I was the main caregiver to David all these years I can tell you first hand what it is to watch someone you love struggle to stay alive and also want to help those  with the disease  and those who have yet to endure what he did.  It  is not a walk in the park, but  he did it with laughter, strength of character, caring for those like himself , never complaining(well maybe a little one). His job was to help find a cure if he could.

It is never easy to ask for help and have to do it year after year but until this disease is eradicated I will continue to do so on  David's behalf. 

So please sign up at MM5kwalk  Pharmacy Allstars and help us help those still in need.

With our deepest thanks .  I will sign off like David.

Hugs Molly