2018 Journey to Conquer Cancer Run or Walk - 2018 Journey to Conquer Cancer Run or Walk
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Please sponsor me for the "Journey to Conquer Cancer" Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Fundraising Event taking place on June 17, 2018.

All money raised goes into "The Ida Rubinoff Patient Support Fund".  This fund was created to assist Leukemia patients and their families with the financial costs associated with their cancer treatment and care.

This fund was established approximately fourteen years ago when my mother was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia.  My mother passed away in 2007 after fighting leukemia for nearly three years.  A few years later my mother-in-law was also diagnosed with an acute form of Leukemia.  Fortunately, her treatment went well, she entered a state of remission where she has remained.

In the past I have been amazed by your generosity.  This year, I aim to raise $5,000.00.  While there are any number of good causes worth of support, this is the only one for which I personally fundraise and I am asking you to sponsor me.

A cancer diagnosis is a terrifying and life altering event.  The shock and emotional damage that comes with the diagnosis are obvious.  The ongoing financial burden that comes with it is often difficult to understand unless you have been directly affected.  In some cases the patient's family may be forced to choose between paying for essential treatment and buying food and shelter for the family.  It sounds incredible but my mother saw it repeatedly during the course of her own treatment.  That is why she and my father started the fund.

Among the most common financial strains faced by leukemia patients is the high cost of prescription medication not always covered by government drug programs or private insurance benefits.  Another expense is the cost of getting to and from the hospital for an emergency appointment when neither family, friends nor volunteers are available to help.  Sometimes a patient needs help to pay rent to remain in their regular home.  Ida's Fund has provided money in these situations and others.  It is an invaluable resource to the patients themselves and to the doctors and nurses who, without this fund, are forced to say 'no' to the people they are committed to helping.

To the very end my mother was committed to this fund and to helping her fellow patients in any way possible.  The expressions of appreciation for the fund she heard from both patients and staff meant so much to her and that is why I will continue to donate and to ask you to do the same.  Yes, there are many worthy causes out there but this one definitely deserves your attention and support.

A few written testimonials from her fellow patients include:

Patient#1:  As a recent beneficiary of your Assist Fund, I am writing to express my thanks for your generosity and kindness in what has been an extraordinarily challenging year.  I want you to know you have made a real difference in a stranger's life.  Best wishes..."

Patient#2:  Your assistance was greatly appreciated.  The fund helped alleviate an added stress at a time when it was very much needed.  What a wonderful way to keep a loved one's memory alive...we will certainly always remember.  Thank you..."

To make your donation please click on the link at the top right of this page.  For donations of $15 or more, you will receive a donation receipt by email within a short time after making the donation.

My mother was very proud of what this fund accomplishes.  Please help me continue the work that she and my father started.  

Thank you.