2018 Muskoka Ride - 2018 Northern Pass
Please help me support the fight against cancer!
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Hey everyone, 

As many of you may know me, Cindy, and my son John, were involved in a really fantastic fundraiser called the Northern Pass last year.  It is a fundraiser for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (and the GI Clinic specifically, with our fundraising).  This summer 3 generations of our family are riding together in honour of Cindy's dad.  It is a great and challenging ride.  It is also a feel-good way to give back to a hospital that has done so much for him, and in turn us.  He'll be there cheering us on again as well.

Please consider clicking the donate now link to support our family’s efforts to make a difference in cancer research.  Or, click below and join us for the ride?!

Princess Margaret is one the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.  They training scientists to help people here at home and globally to fight this terrible disease.  With your help, I hope our team can reach our fundraising goal and support the many who are facing this terrible disease.  

Thanks in advance for your generosity, 

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