2018 Muskoka Ride - 2018 Northern Pass
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The last time I reached out to ask for sponsorship for the Princess Margaret Hospital I was planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This year I am planning to ride the Northern Pass in the beautiful Muskokas. In some ways this is a more daunting journey as I have not been on a road bike in many years. No matter how hard my journeys are they pale in comparison to those of the people who look to PMH for ground breaking care and those people who provide the care. When Marshall needed help we were grateful for having this world class facility available to us. I am asking you to sponsor me so that PMH can continue to do their amazing research, provide their world class care and help individuals and families who are dealing with cancer.

Please join me on my journey - sign up to ride with us or give what you can to make a difference.
Please click DONATE NOW and support my hard work and more importantly, make a difference in cancer research that will help people here locally as well as many others globally.

The Princess Margaret is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world - when we train scientists and researchers at The Princess Margaret, they share and train colleagues all over the world. 

With your help, I will reach my fundraising goal and together we will have done something great. 

Many thanks!