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Everyone we know is touched by cancer in some way or another.  It could be a co-worker, a neighbor, a friend or a family member,  For us, many of our friends and family have been touched by cancer:

- Barbara, Eleanor, John, Stephen - survivors of cancer 

- Dory, Melissa, Calder, Walt Sr., Pat - have regretfully passed because of cancer


But most recently and closest to us of all, is our dad - Walt.  He was diagnosed in December 2016 with Stage IV Prostate Cancer that was spreading quickly to his other organs.  It was a very delicate, stressful and emotional year for our whole family.  In June 2017, we received tremendous news that the ongoing chemo and other medicines had been working and his PSA levels were back to a normal and promising level.  Walt was involved in a few studies and trials that all benefited him and he wouldn't have had these options if it hadn't been for the ongoing dedication to cancer research. 


Walt has been an avid cyclist for years, and has partaken in many road races and cycling activities.  Cancer won't stop him this year, as he joins our team in the 2nd annual Northern Pass Ride, benefiting the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.   Our goal in doing this ride is to raise funds to help with research, so studies like the ones our dad was involved in can continue and improve over time.  Our goal is to do our part to the best of our abilities to help support finding a cure for cancer. 


Thank you SO much for your support. We appreciate everything and can't wait for the ride in August!