Kim Hamill

My name is Kim Hamill and on May 27, 2017 I will step in the boxing ring to participate in the 6th Annual Fight to End Cancer in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation.

In one form or another, we have all been affected by cancer.  I feel extremely privileged to be a part of this event.  My training for this fight pales in comparison to the real fight a person diagnosed with cancer faces every second, of every day.  I’m committed to providing hope and being in their corner as we get one step closer to conquering cancer in our lifetime.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is one of the top 5 Cancer Research Centres in the world and is committed to continually raising the bar in virtually every area of cancer medicine including early detection, precision diagnostics, more targeted treatments and psychosocial support for patients and families.

By pledging your support to my fight, you will be taking a step with me to ensure Princess Margaret continues their ground breaking research towards conquering cancer in our lifetime.  With your help, I am hoping to reach my fundraising goal of $10,000 and to provide hope for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Together, let’s knock out cancer.

Thanks for your support!




My Goal
$10,000.00 CAD
$8,630.00 CAD
My Honour Roll

  • Sean O'Brien
    $500.00 CAD
  • Beck Family
    $250.00 CAD
  • Christine Cowern
    $250.00 CAD
  • Darren B Lamb
    $250.00 CAD
  • Hugo Low
    $250.00 CAD
  • Richard Nixon
    $250.00 CAD
  • Ron Dimock
    $250.00 CAD
  • Patrick Boult
    $200.00 CAD
  • Robert Kolatschek
    $150.00 CAD
  • Andrew Taylor
    $100.00 CAD
  • Don Cooper
    $100.00 CAD
  • Greg Kruk
    $100.00 CAD
  • Marilyn Darrell
    $100.00 CAD
  • Mary Hamilton
    $100.00 CAD
  • Philip Miles
    $100.00 CAD
  • Ted Maduri
    $100.00 CAD
  • Deborah Vangou
    $50.00 CAD
  • Dyhaine Myrie
    $50.00 CAD
  • John & Chantal Kolatschek
    $50.00 CAD
  • Rocco Mazzaferro
    $50.00 CAD
  • Andrea Morgan
    $25.00 CAD
  • Dexter and Maizy
    $25.00 CAD
  • Matthew Beeson
    $20.00 CAD
  • Alan Macek
  • Amberlea Anderson
  • Amberly Meyer
  • Beverly Rafferty
  • Bob Skeat
  • Brendan Clancy
  • Christine McMichael
  • Concetta Torchetti
  • Daniel Jennings
  • Daphne Ramdial
  • David Nathanson
  • Deepa Bhatti
  • derek sigel
  • Diana Compton
  • Elizabeth Armstrong
  • Evelyn Papoutsakis
  • Hildy Boyd
  • Hugh Richards
  • Ingrid Menninga
  • Jane Martinello
  • Justin Mooney
  • Karen Bock
  • Kate Warren
  • Kathleen Archer
  • Kelly Chapman
  • Kristen and Peter Adrian
  • Leslie Frattolin
  • Louise McLean
  • Michael Falagario
  • mike kolatschek
  • Natassha Feo
  • Paul Huyer
  • Paul Rogers
  • Samuel Schwartz
  • Sandra Appel
  • Stella Droulias
  • Sylvia Moretti
  • Sylvia Moretti
  • Trent Horne
  • Victoria Jannetta
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