2019 SPIN to Conquer Cancer - 2019 SPIN to Conquer Cancer
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The above picture is me 2 years ago (December 15, 2016).  This was right before I underwent my 2nd and final surgery for stage II invasive ductal carcinoma aka. breast cancer.  As a cancer patient I was extremely fortunate to have one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world at my finger tips for screening, treatment and surgery.   

In order to share my story and give back, I am participant in the 4th annual SPIN To Conquer Cancer event in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre ("Princess Margaret").  My fundraising dollars will go directly to support the Adolescent & Young Adult Oncology Program ("AYA Program") at Princess Margaret. This program is extremely near and dear to my heart as it supports young survivors (patients aged 39 and under) who as a demographic, have a completely different set of "cancer care" needs.  The AYA program provided me with personalized and supportive care in the area of: pyscho/social, mobility/rehabilitation, fertility/family planning, return to work programming, and AYA targeted wellness initiatives.  The AYA program's goal is to identify individual needs, provide education and support, link you to community services and resources, help you connect with peers and most importantly help you navigate your "new norm" as a cancer survivor.  

The reason I support the SPIN to Conquer Cancer is because spinning was an integral part of my healing process - physically and mentally.  I was able to spin (starting off slowly) post surgical/treatment. Now, 
I am going to SPIN all night to heart pumping, exhilarating music with my TEAM - challenging myself to succeed in raising awareness and funds in support of this great initiative.

Please click DONATE NOW or JOIN MY TEAM and ride beside me to make a difference in cancer care  - for people like me, who need it!