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Fight To End Cancer
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Landscape Plus is participating in the 9th annual Fight To End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. We are raising research dollars with a vision of reaching a goal we all share - To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime! 

Helmed by Jim Mosher & the Mosher family; Landscape Plus Ltd. has been designing and installing beautiful landscape oasis’ for their clients and establishing itself as a staple in the Greater Toronto landscaping community, since its inception in 1984.

Landscape Plus Ltd. has been a proud supporter of the Fight To End Cancer since its inaugural year in 2012. With each passing year, Mr. Mosher & the entire Landscape Plus Ltd. team have continued to increase their sponsorship commitment to our cause. They make it their mission to give back to the community where they can and are particularly strong believers in Fight To End Cancer’s ultimate vision of knocking out cancer in our lifetime.

In Mr. Mosher’s own words on why community support, especially supporting Fight To End Cancer, means so much to both himself personally and to the company, as a whole:

“Community support has been a big part of Landscape Plus Ltd. culture for the past 30 years. Giving back and stepping up for various charities and school causes has always been part of who we are. Each day I have the great pleasure of being surrounded with quality people who infuse their work with creativity, vision and passion. The atmosphere is one of dedication, support and respect. Dovetailing these qualities with a cause as noble and worthy as the Fight To End Cancer is a perfect fit.”