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Fight To End Cancer
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Josh's grandmother, Roz, was one of the toughest women around.  She grew up the eldest of three sisters (and one brother), her family having next to nothing.  No matter what life threw at her, there was always a fire burning inside her.  A passion, an energy, that could never be dimmed.

She traveled the world.  She raised four children.  She was an unbelievably doting wife to her husband, Josh's grandfather, Marvin.  No matter how busy she was, she always had time and energy for her family.  No one had ever seen her scared of anything.

That passion, that energy, that fearlessness, was stolen from her by cancer.  For the final few years of her life, she desperately battled against an incredibly aggressive form of lung cancer.  It took the fighter spirit from her.  A woman who could stand up and face anything, couldn’t win this fight.

Marvin watched the life sapped from the love of his life.  He was always a stoic, grounded man.  Calm in the face of anything.  Losing his wife changed him.  He knew she was the strong one, the fighter.  He was terrified about what would happen if cancer came for him. 

Six months to the day of losing his wife, he was diagnosed with the same form of lung cancer.  We watched him try to fight, but without his wife, Marv just didn’t have the energy.  Cancer stole both grandparents far too early.

 Julia had been lucky to have never experienced the effects of cancer until this amazing man, who welcomed her into their family and treated her like a granddaughter was taken away. Crushed by the fact that so many families have to go through similar heartbreak, we realized we couldn't sit idly by. 

Roz and Marvin couldn’t win their fights.  We can. 

Together we will spend the next six months training to step into the ring and show cancer that we’re not scared.  That we will win.

Please join us as we both Fight to End Cancer.