Fight To End Cancer - 2020 - 2020 Fight To End Cancer
Kristin Smith-Zuccala's Fundraising Page

2020 Fight To End Cancer

I am participating in the 9th Annual Fight To End Cancer in support of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. I am raising research dollars with a vision of reaching a goal we all share - To Conquer Cancer In Our Lifetime! 


What started out as only wanting to try something new, very quickly turned into an opportunity to be a part of something more impactful than I ever imagined was possible. Cancer has affected us all in one way or another and it does not discriminate. Cancer doesn't care how old someone is, how meaningful they are to those around them, or how shattered it will leave the lives of those who remain behind. 


This event is much more than a charity boxing event, it is a chance for us all to band together to show that we will never stop fighting to find a cure. The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation does tremendous work and they need our help to take another step forward! Cancer packs a mean punch, but I have decided to step out of my comfort zone and into the ring to return that punch for my family, my friends, and for anyone else who needs an extra person in their corner. 


I'm fighting for the loved ones I have lost, the loved ones you have lost, for those who are currently fighting, and for those who will have to fight. I am fighting for us. With your help, I hope to reach my fundraising goal and make a difference. 

Thank you so much for your support!